Crazy master fucks his maid

In the beginning house maid visits her crazy master. But right away after she enters the house she finds a big mess so she starts cleaning right away. Master is looking into the dial while maid is collecting all the trash in bag. Later she vacuums the carpet. After that she washes the dirty dishes. When she is done she starts cleaning the floor and while master is still gazing into nowhere she removes her panties. She makes a bit noise and turns around because she wants her master to notice it. And as he looks back he sees her hairy pussy. He seems to be in trance, just staring on her pussy and ass. She continues cleaning and bends a bit a more. He quickly removes his pants and starts masturbating.

Then he jumps on her and she helps him to put his dick into her pussy. And right away crazy master fucks his maid while her legs are wide spread. She puts her top up and puts his hands on her boobs. Later maid kicks her master away and turns around so he can fuck her in doggy style and he right away does. They both moan and in meantime she removes her shirt. He fucks her really fast and hard until she had enough so she puts him down and removes hair tie.

Then he puts his penis into her mouth and she starts giving him blowjob. But he is really horny so he is pulling her head towards him. She can’t take it anymore so throws him away. But he needs more so as she is sitting down he continues fucking her fast while holding her legs up. She doesn’t like it as he is too rough so she kicks him away and runs away.

He is chasing after her and as he catches her right away he continues fucking her hard. She moans loud but it’s too much on her. Again as she had too much she runs away but he catches her soon and wants to continue but then he stops. And in middle of the room he starts peeing on the floor. And as he finishes peeing he continues fucking her and kisses and licks her neck. Then he finally cums inside her pussy.

After that she throws him away and starts dressing. He finds her panties and tarts sniffing them but she takes them from him and puts them on. Later she brings bucket with water and gives him the clout to clean the pee after himself. She shows him how and he cleans fast. When she goes to cook in meantime he licks and sniffs his own pee.

On next scene she is preparing rice balls for him. Then she packs all the stuff and goes home. On next scene she is preparing dinner for her husband. She brings him food and he eats fast. Then they have visit. A friend came so she gives him food. In meantime our crazy master eats like he didn’t eat for days.

On next scene husband of the maid is reading a book and a bit later she comes in pajama into the bed. She wanted to sleep but her husband doesn’t want to let her. He moves closer to her and on top of her. Because he is horny he puts his penis right away into her. But she is tired but she can’t tell him why.

In next scene our guy master is walking upstairs. As a lady walks by he is going towards her so she speeds up away from him. Then he starts chasing her. As the results police takes him. Later his house maid visits master with her husband. They discuss the situation with police.

On next scene police let the crazy master go so maid with her husband take him home. And again there is a big mess. Husband screams on the guys because of the mess and later they both leave him there. On next scene husband is sleeping and snoring but the maid can’t fall asleep. She gets up from bed and leaves the room.

Later as she left the house she checks up on her crazy master. She knocks on his window and he lets her in. As she comes in she undresses her pajama and starts peeing on his floor.  As he is crawling towards her she tries to dress but he is too fast and he puts her down. Then he removes his underwear and starts fucking her. She is loud she doesn’t want it but he is really fast and hard on her pussy. Then she turns around and he fucks her from behind. She starts removing her sweater and later top of pajama. Then he fucks her as hard as he can. Then when he feels he is going to cum he puts his penis into her mouth. He fucks her mouth then and she can’t fight back.

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